Webinar Presenter Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success for Webinar Presenters

Choosing a model - [free for all w/ optional CEUs] vs. [every attendee pays]

Free model: this model tends to be ideal for presenters who want to reach the widest possible audience and gain maximum exposure. Those who do not make a living off of presenting webinars and conducting workshops tend to prefer this model. Although these webinars, on average, tend to earn similar revenue to the alternative model, there is more risk involved.

All attendees pay model: this model tends to be ideal for presenters whose main source of income is presenting, consulting, hosting workshops, or similar. In these cases, the information is a bit more restricted. Some presenters opt for a hybrid model wherein the first in a 2- or 3-part series is free for all, but the subsequent sessions require all attendees pay.

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays tend to see the highest turnout.

Start no earlier than 11am Eastern Time. Starting in the window of 12pm ET to 1pm ET tends to be a sweet spot. End no later than 4pm Eastern Time.

Brevity is best when titling your webinar. The less words, the better! It is also strategic to capture attention with a catchy, memorable, or exciting title. Here are some examples:

Optimizing title length | briefer is better!

Original: An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior Management for Behavior Analysts and Supervisors

Optimized: OBM Foundations

Optimizing title style | capture attention!

Original: An In-Depth Analysis and Discussion About Effective Interventions for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Elopement

Optimized: 5 Ways to Treat Elopement Fast

Optimized: What You Need to Know to Treat Elopement

Optimized: Reduce or Eliminate Elopement!


Our goal is for you to reach a wide audience, effectively disseminate your knowledge, and earn revenue.