The Precision Teaching Implementation Manual

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by Richard M. Kubina, Jr.
Greatness Achieved Publishing, Inc. / 2019
Paperback / 171 pages
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"The Four Steps of Precision Teaching:

1. PINPOINT - Describe behavior using a formula devised to generate clear, straightforward, actionable targets: Observable action verb + Object receiving action + Context

2.  RECORD - Use dimensional quantities, reflective of performance as it occurred. The subsequent high precision metris provide a precise account of the observed and counted pinpoint.

3.  CHANGE - Place data on the Standard Celeration Chart and carefully examine behavior progress. Make a change if the data suggest a need for modification or a nex intervention.

4.  TRY AGAIN - If performance and learning data do not demonstrate adequate progress, iterations continue with new interventions and presonalized strategies. The behavior change agent never gives up on the learner.

Anyone who wishes to implement PT engages in all four of the steps centered on the precise measurement of human behavior. The four step process promotes clear behavioral targets; direct, continuous measurement of behavior; a standard visual display of data; and means to solve problems and jumpstart stalled behavior change programs and interventions.