Social Justice ABA Series: Building Compassionate Practices Through a Functional Behavior Analytic Lens 11/29/23 | WEBINAR

Picture of Social Justice ABA Series: Building Compassionate Practices Through a Functional Behavior Analytic Lens 11/29/23 | WEBINAR
by Hannah Kaplan-Reimer
This webinar is curated and sponsored by Jacob Sadavoy & Michelle Zube

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by Hannah Kaplan-Reimer

Since Taylor, Leblanc, and Nosik’s (2018) call for compassion as well as the addition of “treat[ing] others with compassion” as one of the core foundational principles that behavior analysts use to interpret and apply the standards in the code (BACB, 2020), greater emphasis is being placed on fostering such practices in Applied Behavior Analytic settings. Now that compassionate care is garnering a significant amount of attention in the field (Leblanc et al., 2020; Rohrer et al., 2021; Sadavoy & Zube, 2021; Slim & Reuter Yuill, 2021), considerably in the last year (Abdel-Jalil et al., 2023; Austin et al., 2023; D’Agostino et al., 2023; Denegri et al., 2023; Gatzunis, et al., 2023; Marchese & Weiss, 2023; Melton et al., 2023; Reinecke et al., 2023; Scallan, & Rosales-Ruiz 2023; Tarbox et al., 2023; Werntz et al., 2023), it is essential that we continue to focus on this increasingly relevant perspective. To maintain momentum in moving toward more compassionate contexts, we must identify components of practices that function as such, consider how to implement suggested strategies, and continue to innovate and shape effective approaches. In this webinar, we will review a conceptual analysis of compassion, discuss how such an analysis can lead to actionable steps, and collaborate in identifying aspects of behavior analytic practice to be harnessed and built upon toward fostering compassionate contexts. Further, we will review self-compassion practices from a behavior analytic, function-based perspective as a tool for facilitating compassionate therapeutic relationships and for maintaining compassionate contexts.


Learning Objectives:

Attendees will:

  • accurately describe compassion from a functional behavior analytic lens in 1-3 sentences.  
  • identify at least 3 areas in practice that can be modified to facilitate more compassionate contexts.
  • identify at least 1 tool that they will use to engage in self-compassionate practices.


This webinar is curated and sponsored by:

Jacob Sadavoy & Michelle Zube of

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