RBT Readiness | 40 Hour Credential Training for Behavior Technicians 2.2 - 180 Day License

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RBT Readiness is a course based on the BACB's RBT 2nd Edition Task List and RBT Ethics Code 2.0 and it meets the BACB's requirements for a minimum of 40 hours of training.

Did you hear the news? The latest BACB RBT Examination Pass Rate publication for 40-Hour Training Providers lists BDS in the top 6 out of over 40 training providers, clocking in with a 91.3% pass rate for first-time RBT exam takers!

License active for 180 days.
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Did you hear the news?

The latest BACB RBT Examination Pass Rate publication for 40-Hour Training Providers lists BDS in the top 5!

Compared to all other reported training providers, RBT Readiness by BDS clocks in with a 91.3% pass rate for first-time RBT exam takers! 


Learners will develop a deeper understanding of ABA and the tasks likely to be performed by RBTs. Based on the same methodology as our very successful CBA Learning Module Series, the RBT 40-Hour Training course uses active responding to fluency to teach the tasks outlined in the BACB’s Registered Behavior Technician 2nd Edition Task List and the RBT Ethics Code 2.0. A brief overview of the BCBA and BCaBA credentials and how they relate to the role of the RBT and supervision are also provided.

This course is comprised of a series of module sets: an acquisition module (to learn the material at a comfortable pace) and a fluency module (which provides the practice that results in responding accurately and without hesitation). The literature indicates that achievement of a fluent performance leads to maintenance and the ability to apply skills to novel situations. Many topics throughout this course are further taught through helpful videos, graphics, and sample behavior plans.

The Fluency Instructional Model


There is a limit to the number of times that learning modules can be accessed. Although this limit is generous, please do not quit the module and forfeit the run. Each subscription provides 20 attempts to reach criterion (85% correct) and even more additional attempts for post-criterion practice!

Assessment modules allocate 1 attempt during Pre-Testing and 2 attempts during Post-Testing. Repeating the same test questions excessively can cause an increase in score despite no further concept acquisition occurring, which is why these limits are the default settings for the course.

40-Hour Course Certification Training Requirements

Certification Requirements:

1. A minimum of 40 training hours 
2. Three of the 40 hours must consist of Ethics training
3. One of the 40 hours must consist of Supervision training
4. Training activities must occur over a minimum of 5 days 
5. Training activities MUST be completed within 180 days from purchase date

You can view the BACB's 40-Hour Training packet here

For Organizations

For Organizations:  Gratis Course Admin accounts can be provided upon request. With a Course Admin account, your learners and their data can be assigned to your account. You can view progress, identify weak areas, run reports, and even assign due dates to the learning modules! Our goal at BDS is to make it effective and convenient to manage your learner’s progress. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in the Course Admin account. Bulk purchases can be made via this product page. Upon receipt of a bulk license purchase, we will get in touch with you to obtain a list of your learners and we will get them setup with accounts.  bbeaupre@bds.com


For Individual Learners

For Individual Purchase: Access the program on our learning platform, fluency.bds.com and log in with the username and password you created when you made your purchase. (If you are purchasing on behalf of one or more RBT candidates, please contact BDS to discuss learner lists, activation times, etc.)

System Requirements

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Mandatory Disclaimer

Disclaimer: This training program is based on the Registered Behavior Technician 2nd Ed. Task List and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential. The program is offered independent of the BACB. Training must be completed within a 180-day period. RBT® & Registered Behavior Technician™ are trademarks of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Course Features
  • This course is:
    • a series of learning exercises
    • a teaching tool
    • a review tool
    • active & engaging
    • comprehensive

  • This course is not:
    • a practice test
    • a memorization task
    • boring

  • Our favorite features:
    • hints for each and every learning module question
    • a personal study scheduler
    • immediate corrective feedback and rationale for incorrect answers
    • flowcharts and graphics representing concepts and procedures
    • videos describing and demonstrating concepts and procedures

Graphical illistration comapring postiive reinforcement versus extinction

Screen shot of lecture video that is explaining differential reinforcement