RBT Exam Prep TL2 Pass Guarantee

A full purchase price refund (excludes additional purchases) or 30 day license extension will be provided contingent upon:

  1. Failure of the RBT exam.
  2. 100% of all learning (Getting Started, Learning Modules, RBT Ethics, and Finishing Up) completed to 100% correct* as indicated by the Course Completion Report within 6 months from the actual exam date.
  3. BDS receiving the RBT exam report indicating failure of the exam within 7 days of the licensed user's receipt of BACB notification. Submit exam report to support@bds.com.
  4. Licensed user agrees to immediate cessation of the RBT Exam Prep and termination of the active license (only applicable for refund requests).

Organizations (e.g., schools, agencies, and universities) that purchase the RBT Exam Prep TL2 are only eligible for a refund if the program is purchased for a particular individual and BDS is given the name of that individual at the time of purchase.

Organizations (e.g., schools, agencies, and universities) that purchase complete or make partial payments and have their own no refund policy in effect are not eligible for a refund through BDS.  The free extension option is available provided the user meets the extension qualifications.

*For the purpose of this guarantee, BDS completion requirements may differ from and supersede all university and organization terms.

Our RBT Exam Prep course is the premier RBT curriculum supplement and exam prep tool