Motivity - ABA Clinical Data Collection!

Sunday, February 6, 2022

3 minute read | This is a paid ad by Motivity Systems, and is otherwise not associated with BDS.

The data collection system that moves you forward.
The most versatile and flexible clinical data collection system in ABA.

What makes Motivity unique? Well, we guarantee no downtime, no data loss, and no screen refreshes. But, if that isn’t enough also:

  • Motivity was funded by the National Institute of Health research grants and we conduct frequent research studies on our functional impact on clinical outcomes.
  • No implementation fees or long-term contracts.
  • Each organization receives their own dedicated customer success Behavior Analyst to walk them through implementation and beyond.
  • Motivity lets you tell the system EXACTLY (no joke) how you want your programs to work. Your Programs Your Way…(e.g. PEAK scoring, Functional Analysis, SBT, ACT, EFL prompt hierarchies). Can you stump Motivity? Attend a demo and try.

Notable Features

  • Interval Data Collection that RBTs and BCBAs will actually use! See video here.
  • Cumulative Charts to see targets mastered over time.
  • Public Curriculum with programs aligned the Vineland, ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP
  • RBTs can efficiently customize the interface with filters, NET/DTT views, pinned targets and easily view previous sessions data within data collection.
  • Rate/Frequency, Duration, Intervals, Percent, Prompt Hierarchies, Fluency, Custom Score Buttons, Anecdotal text boxes, Intensity
  • Graph Features- Aggregate data by day/week/month, put in event lines and phase lines, filter data by staff
  • Session Note Features- create custom templates, session data automatically imports in notes, set custom approval workflows, assign templates to specific roles
  • UPCOMING FEATURES: video sharing/video modeling uploads, embedded Treatment Plan and Inception Progress Reports, full integration with practice management system (AlohaABA), integrated VB-MAPP curriculum

In need of Practice Management?

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