Guidance or Compliance: What Makes an Ethical Behavior Analyst? | Journal Club Series

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This installment of our Journal Club Series will cover the article, “Guidance or compliance: What makes an ethical behavior analyst?” authored by Rosenberg and Schwartz and published in Behavior Analysis in Practice. CEUs are provided for reading the article, participating in an online discussion, and completing an article content quiz. Want to get a head start? Click here to go to a free copy of the article!



Guidance or compliance: What makes an ethical behavior analyst? This article proposes the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts set forth by the BACB is written in language that promotes rule following more than ethical guidance. The authors discuss the potential outcomes of this approach and propose an alternative ethical decision-making process to promote ethical behavior in the field.


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Sessions are run by Dr. Nicole Bank, BCBA, LBA-TX,
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The Article

This installment of our Journal Club Series will cover the article, “Guidance or compliance: What makes an ethical behavior analyst?” authored by Rosenberg and Schwartz.

This article is published in Behavior Analysis in Practice.

Click here to go to a free copy of the article!

Learning Objectives


  1. Describe how the ethical code changed in 2016.
  2. Describe rule based ethics.
  3. Identify other approaches for ethical decision making.
  4. Identify the steps in the proposed ethical decision-making process.
  5. List the potential benefits of following an ethical decision-making process.
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