Feb. 2022 🌎 Climate Corner

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

2 minute read | contribution authored by Caroly Shumway, Ph.D., Director, Center for Behavior and Climate (CBC).
CBC is a division of Behavior Development Solutions.


In November, the Center for Behavior and Climate sponsored a Behavior Change for Climate Action Challenge. After receiving submissions from around the world, we are so pleased to announce our three grantees: Habits of WasteBedford 2030, and the UCDavis Tahoe Environmental Research Center who are working, respectively on changing habits, reducing energy use, and altering climate perceptions. Here's a snapshot of what these great groups are doing, with their behavioral approaches noted in bold.

Changing Habits: Habits comprise 40% of our daily behaviors. Habits of Waste's (HoW) mission is to clean up the planet one habit of waste at a time by empowering individuals to make small changes within their daily lives to combat climate change. The nonprofit believes that most people want to do the right thing but do not always know where to start. HoW finds solutions to create collective societal change through individualized shifts in habitual behavior. HoW's goal is to educate individuals about the power they have to make a massive impact through these simple changes. These individual shifts can make a big...

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