Curriculum for Motivational Interviewing - 2 month subscription

Picture of Curriculum for Motivational Interviewing - 2 month subscription
by Sean Inderbitzen APSW, Member of MINT

This is a curriculum divided across 5 modules called The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing. It is accessed via the BDS learning platform.

This curriculum is designed to teach parents of neurodiverse children about the fundamentals of the spirit of motivational interviewing. Designed to be taught by behavior analysts or registered behavior technicians to improve relationships between parents and their children to improve compliance to behavioral strategies they are implementing.



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About the Author:

My name is Sean and I'm a clinical social worker who lives with Autism. In addition to being a clinician I'm a member of the motivational interviewing network of trainers, and have run parenting groups on MI as a parenting approach for neurodiverse children. In a study by Rogers SJ, Estes A, Vismara L, Munson J, Zierhut C, Greenson J, Dawson G, Rocha M, Sugar C, Senturk D, Whelan F, Talbott M. Enhancing Low-Intensity Coaching in Parent Implemented Early Start Denver Model Intervention for Early Autism: A Randomized Comparison Treatment Trial. J Autism Dev Disord. 2019 Feb;49(2):632-646. These researchers compared ABA as parenting intervention to MI, and found the greatest gains with MI in parenting. I'm a consultant for advocacy academy and my curriculum, called The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing can be accessed here. 

Sean Inderbitzen, behavioral health therapist at our Birchwood clinic talks about his personal connection to autism, why he is so passionate about helping his clients and the importance of having counseling services available to people who have autism:

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