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 Version 8 of the CBA Learning Modules Series is based on the BACB's 4th Edition Task List and has over 3,200 learning module questions, plus Pre- and Post-Tests. 


We conducted a survey of individuals who purchased a 6-month CBA LMS v8 license in September and October of 2017.  The pass rate was 91.0% for first time BCBA exam takers, all confirmed by a review of the BACB’s Certificant Registry (

The criterion for inclusion was completion of all learning modules to 100% correct; 107 individuals met this criterion.  Using a combination of Survey Monkey emails, phone calls, and mailed letters, 97 (90.6%) responded. Of these participants, 74 reported taking the BCBA exam one time and passing, 7 reported taking the exam once and failing, 4 reported being retakers and 12 reported not ever taking the exam.  3 of the 74 who reported passing could not be verified on the BACB registry and are not included in the pass rate.  Of the 4 retakers, 3 reported passing (2 of whom could be verified).  


  Our Methodology:

We know from research that active responding makes for efficient learning. This is why the CBA Learning Module Series is primarily question-based, and most of the questions include: 

  • four multiple choice options
  • corrective feedback for each incorrect option
  • a hint providing instructional content
  • a text book reference for more information on that topic

Each learning module set consists of an acquisition module and a duplicate fluency module. The only difference between the two is that in the acquisition module the timer is set for 60 minutes (designed to be practiced at a leisurely pace) and in the fluency module the timer is set to between 2 to 8 minutes, depending on the number of questions in the module. The learner practices each until 100% correct is achieved. Upon completion of a fluency module, the learner is responding at a rate of about 4-5 correct questions/minute--fluent responding that fosters maintenance and application.There is a limit to the number of times that modules can be accessed. Although this limit is generous, please do not quit the module and forfeit the run. Each license provides 20 attempts to reach criterion (100% correct) and additional attempts for post-criterion practice. The number of additional attempts is dependent on the subscription duration purchased.

There is a limit to the number of times that modules can be accessed. Although this limit is generous, please do not quit the module and forfeit the run. Each license provides 20 attempts to reach criterion (100% correct) and even more additional attempts for post-criterion practice. The number of additional attempts is dependent on the subscription duration purchased.

On average, the CBA Learning Module Series takes 80 hours to complete all of the learning modules to 100% correct, but there is a great deal of variability in these data. We recommend that learners begin preparing with the CBA Learning Module Series 6 months before the exam; although, we know that some people can complete the Series in much less time and even if they don't complete it, they are likely to get some benefit with minimal use. Longer subscriptions are available for additional practice and integration with coursework.

Pass Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee on the CBA Learning Module Series. That's right; if you complete all 193 required learning modules sets (acquisition + fluency) to criterion (100% correct) within the 6 months preceding your exam and don't pass, you may request a full refund or free extension. Completion of the Pre-/Post-Test assessments are not required for eligibility. Free extensions are available if at least 70% of the learning modules were completed to criterion within the same time frame. See the Pass Guarantee page for details on our Money-Back & Free Extension Policies.



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Short-term extensions are only available for active or recently  expired licenses (within 1 year). 

Failure: Renew to next exam cycle


To qualify, complete at least 70% of the modules within 6 months proceeding the failed exam. Must be within 60 days of receiving results from BACB.

*Pricing is in US currency and subject to change.

Returning Customers: If you have previously purchased a full length CBA Learning Module Series subscription at the standard price, please send an email to before making an additional purchase. We will activate the returning customer most current prices to your account. Upon purchasing, your subscription will be immediately activated for the duration selected; any existing performance data will not be cleared. To start the Series as a new user, please send us an email after making a purchase and request a subscription transfer to a new account at no additional cost. Course required pricing is not eligible for further discounts. Only one discount is approved per purchase. 

Group / Course Recommendation: Ask your professor, agency, or group coordinator to send us a list of six or more individuals. Include first name, last name, and e-mail address. We will contact individuals on the list with purchase instructions.

Course Requirement: For students enrolled in a VCS program that requires the CBA Learning Module Series. Ask your professor to send us a syllabus indicating that the CBA Learning Module Series is a requirement for the course and a list of the students. Include first name, last name, and e-mail address. We will contact individuals on the list with purchase instructions. For more information about adopting the CBA Learning Module Series into a VCS program, please refer to the For Professors resource.


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Special offers terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Availability is contingent on an active partnership between BDS and the organization providing the offer. Each offer is available once per customer and is not determined by the number of CBA LMS licenses purchased. 



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Note: The BACB® does not endorse this or any BCBA or BCaBA examination preparation course. Material in this course was not obtained from the BCBA or BCaBA certification examination and completing this course does not guarantee that you will pass the BCBA or BCaBA examination.

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