Important news! BDS is proud to announce that the latest version of the CBA Learning Module Series, CBA LMS TCO6, has been released as of 8/25/2023!

This new version is fully aligned with the Domains in the BACB's new Test Content Outline 6th Ed., and includes comprehensive Domain Pre- & Post-Tests and a Mock Exam.
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  • The CBA LMS TCO6 at a glance:
    • Learning content created and revised by our 5 Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, including 4 full-time doctorial level behavior analysts with decades of experience in the clinical application of ABA, college level teaching, and instructional design, constituting over 150 years of combined experience
    • New course content aligns with the BACB's Test Content Outline 6th ed., and we used the latest editions of Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change as foundational course references
    • Based on the content covered in the TCO6 outline, we also added over 60 new contemporary book and journal article references
    • Our courses are rigorously maintained and revised as learner response data is received and analyzed through our Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process
    • We upgraded and shortened all the Domain tests using Table of Specifications (TOS) methodology to directly align the content and tests
    • Our behavior analysts respond to individual learner question-comments in real-time
    • BDS is proud to provide responsive customer support, with customer service hours 7 days a week from 9am to 11pm daily


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Behavior Development Solutions would welcome the opportunity to assist your university in teaching students the skill set identified by the BACB.

The CBA Learning Module Series (CBA LMS) was first developed in 1998 and is now updated for Task List 5 (TL5) and the Test Content Outline 6th Edition. It provides an interactive experience by engaging students in learning exercises using question-based instructional frames, each with instructional content (hint), text references, and real-time corrective feedback. The active responding required in the CBA LMS is so integral that ABAI allows its use to be considered "instructional time" as described in the VCS Handbook.

Our learning platform interface is constantly evolving to provide more useful performance evaluation and management tools. Many features have been enhanced with improvements stemming directly from feedback provided by program directors, instructors, supervisors, and students.  

Over 150 universities & organizations have partnered with us, allowing students to obtain CBA LMS subscriptions at reduced rates. Collaboration is essential to advancing the immense and complex education of the next generation of behavior analysts, and it is with great confidence that we present our material for your review.

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  • 98.5% first-time BCBA Exam pass rate
  • Special Partner Pricing
  • Over 20 years of mastery training
  • Self-Paced & Evidence-Based
  • Powerful Admin Dashboard
  • ...and more!

Over 20 Years of Mastery Training
98.5% first-time BCBA Exam Pass Rate



Over 150 universities & organizations have partnered with us, allowing students to obtain CBA LMS subscriptions at reduced rates.
Collaboration is essential to advancing the immense and complex education of the next generation of behavior analysts, and it is with great confidence that we present our material for your review.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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Increase mastery with acquisition and fluency-based learning exercises.


Increase university pass rates. Gratis course admin account and CBA LMS subscription.

Compatible with PCs, Macs, tablets, & mobile devices. Accessible anywhere with an Internet connection.


Dashboard provides at-a-glance student information. BDS assists with implementation strategies and data analyses.

Personal Study Scheduler utility manages progress toward goals.


Group students into cohorts for easy organization; assign due dates that populate on student dashboards.

Generate individual progress reports and review incorrectly answered questions, hints, and corrective feedback.   

Generate or download progress reports at the module and cohort level.


Compare performance to the median of all learners worldwide.


Compare individual and cohort performance to that of all learners worldwide.


Pre-/Post-Unit Tests and Mock Exam allow assessment of strengths and weaknesses.


Target strengths and weaknesses of the course sequence. Examine low-scoring content areas.





We conducted a survey of first-time BCBA exam takers who completed the CBA Learning Module Series and sat for the exam in 2019. The pass rate was 98.5%. All surveys we've conducted follow a similar methodology and have yielded a pass rate between 91% and 98.5% (i.e., 96%, 97%, 91%, and 98.5% in 2013, 2015, 2017/2018, and 2019, respectively).

The criterion for inclusion was completion of all the learning modules in the course to 100% correct; in the 2019 survey, 68 individuals met this criterion. Using a combination of Momentive (formerly known as Survey Monkey) email surveys, phone calls, and mailed letters, 155 reported taking the BCBA exam for the first time in 2019; however, 87 of them did not complete the CBA LMS to 100% correct. Verification of reported exam passage was achieved for 97% of qualifying participants via the BACB's BCBA Certificant registry. This study was conducted by Chris Perrin, Ph.D., BCBA-D.







The Behavior Analyst Certification Board's published pass rates assist prospective students in selecting Verified Course Sequences. These pass rate data are summarized and provided annually. However, students' coursework was generally taken many months or years prior to these data being published. Due to this delay, it is impossible to identify from which cohorts BACB pass rate data are representative, and therefore, difficult to identify weaknesses and alter course content for current students. The CBA Learning Module Series helps administrators view progress through reports on cohorts in real time, allowing for near-term evaluation and calibration. Moreover, students can use the CBA Learning Module Series for their coursework and then to prepare for the exam.



The CBA Learning Module Series is the only BCBA/BCaBA curriculum supplement that enables a comparison of both individual and cohort performance to that of all learners worldwide, thereby assisting program directors in making formative, data-based decisions from thousands of recent learners.




The CBA Learning Module Series has a proven record of effectiveness. However, we continually work to improve learner performance by analyzing millions of responses recorded on our servers. As behavior analysts, we know what measures are important and how to analyze performance data. For instance, rare in most instructional platforms, we analyze the temporal dimensions: latency, instructional time to criterion, and corrects per minute. When we identify a question for which the data indicate a high latency, we examine that question and related questions and make revisions accordingly. When instructional time to criterion is high, we focus on how responding is allocated across the various multiple-choice options. Modules for which latencies and instructional time to criteria are low may indicate that the questions are particularly well written or it may mean that the discriminations required are too elementary.

In short, we have developed a process to improve our instruction by analyzing the performance of our learners at the level of the question and the module. We are extremely excited about not only the near-term benefit this holds for our learners, but also the long-term contribution that this process will have on research in instructional design.


"So far as I can see, I simply began looking for lawful processes in the behavior of the intact organism."



The BDS® Difference

At Behavior Development Solutions®, we have developed our instructional design model based on the early pioneering work of behavior analysts and other researchers, who emphasized the role of behavioral fluency in skill mastery. In addition to our overall approach being evidence-based, we also apply a scientific approach to evaluating each training module we create. The result is cost-effective and efficient learning outcomes. Download the white paper now to learn more about our evidence-based instructional design methodology:

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  • STUDENT OPTION - Students purchase subscription as indicated in their syllabus. Payment plans available upon request.
  • UNIVERSITY OPTION - The university purchases course subscription on the students' behalf.
  • CUSTOM OPTIONS - We create an option that fits your needs.


To get started, simply submit the following student and professor information: 

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Course ID number(s) (if available) Syllabus indicating that the CBA LMS is required
  • Students and professors will receive account credentials for discounted purchase and/or access instructions by email.
    The turnaround time is approximately 2 business days.








A full refund or a free 60-day extension is granted to individuals who complete the CBA LMS to 100% on all required modules within the 6 months prior to the exam date and fail the BCBA or BCaBA exam. Does not apply to subscriptions purchased by universities or organizations.







"The new platform features make grading so much easier. It is really helpful that I can see the total number of students assigned to me, and the number who completed the modules, and I can sort by date completed. AWESOME!!!"


"The test felt like a breeze after completing the CBA Learning Module Series to 100%. Thanks for making the CBA course accessible, trackable, and useful. I feel confident that I passed the BCBA exam due to the CBA LMS."


"Thank you to everyone at BDS. I completed the modules to 100% and passed by BCBA exam first time! I honestly think the CBA modules prepared me really well for the exam. I love the hints and content structure of the modules too!"


We have found the CBA Learning Modules to be a valuable addition to our graduate applied behavior analysis (ABA) program. Students appreciate the opportunity to engage with the CBA modules and love the fact that they will continue to have access once their coursework is completed as a way to study for their Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA) Examination."
DR. JULEE POOLE, Chair - Graduate Psychology Program

*Testimonials are unsolicited.


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