Behavioral Services in a School Setting: A Guide Book

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This book is a serious attempt to generalize the expertise you have. In this incredibly unique and
perhaps new setting, this information will assist you in ‘what to do’ after ‘walking in the school
door’. These protocols are scenario based: how to start, what to do if this happens, do this when,
what about this, what’s next, and integrating it all. They will help the Teachers assist in ways that
will have them more successful in achieving your behavioral goals as well as accomplishing their
educational ones, all for the students. This book is not about “how to do your job”. You already
know that! You are a BCBA and LBA or soon to be so. It provides insight into what Behavioral
Service Protocols you need to implement to be able “to do your job”. The chapters outline and
detail how the supporting BCBA can educate and train relevant school personnel on exactly what
the provision of behavioral services entails. The school staff will need to know how to refer a
student, observe and record on behavior data sheets to evidentially support a student referral, and
how to implement a Behavior Treatment Plan (BTP). The Behavior Analyst coordinates the
behavioral services with the teaching activities. Other chapters address best-practice research-
based protocols for assessing, the treatment plan categorical content, and discharging due to goal
and objective accomplishment. The Appendix has a variety of useful formats and documents that
can be used for implementation of the protocols and there are references for the researched based
protocols. Last, but not least, a chapter about ‘clinically interesting’ situations.


“These protocols facilitate the behavior analyst in providing behavioral services in an
expeditious best-practice way. The assessment and treatment protocols are applied, conceptually
systematic, analytic, behavioral, and effective. Noteworthy are the modifiable templates and
formats he provides for the practicing BA. It is a ‘must have’ Guiding Book for Behavior
Analysts in school settings, school system Administrators, Superintendents, and Teachers.”

Liming Zhou, Ph.D.
Education Research Center for Children
with Autism, Adjunct Lecturer, Guest
Expert Scholar,
Beijing Normal University, China

“As a former Special Education Director, Behavioral Services in a School Setting: A Guide Book
is a welcomed book for teachers and school administrative personnel. It presents what is
involved in the provision of behavioral services in schools. The protocols are what behavior
analysts would require from the administrative and educational staff, in order for them to provide
the behavioral services for the referred students. This Guide Book is much needed for those who
would be involved in providing behavioral services for students.”

Allien Dacus
iMPRESS Educator
Jefferson Innovative Learning Center
Fayette County School District

Behavioral Services in a School Setting: A Guide Book provides district-wide protocols
that need to be in-place ensuring the Behavior Analyst will be able to do what is best-
practice for the provision of behavioral services for students. The chapters detail how an
understanding of the role of the behavior analyst necessitates the collaborative relationship
with the administration and educational staff. It is a highly recommended book for school
systems who have Behavior Analysts working with their students.”

Denise Williams
Special Education Teacher
Fayette County School District

“School systems and districts must be aware of the best-practice methods that behavior
analysts provide. Those behavioral services require a very collaborative relationship with the
teaching and administrative staff, as well as the parents, in each school. Behavioral Services
in a School Setting: A Guide Book emphasizes what protocols are necessary and
implemented for the behavior analyst to effectively intervene for students. This book is a
must-read not only for behavior analysts and educational staff, but also for administrative
leaders at all coordinating levels. I highly recommend this book.”

Robert A. Doll, Jr., CPA
Fayette County Board of Education

Behavioral Services in a School Setting: A Guide Book is an invaluable resource to BCBAs
introducing districts to behavioral services. Dr. Rohr has created a roadmap to successful
implementation of these services in schools. This guide is a must have text, especially when
working in districts that are unfamiliar with the job of a BCBA or LBA. The author also provides
Behavior Analyst’s with two field-tested training outlines to better train school staff on the
fundamentals of challenging behavior. These trainings are likely to promote positive behavior
change with how school staff address behavioral incidents. All of the protocols included are
likely to benefit Behavior Analysts, teachers, and administrators. Specifically, the Behavioral
Service Monthly Report. It will allow Behavior Analysts to better track student progress, justify
intervention recommendations, promote fidelity of implementation, and increase communication
between the Behavior Analyst, teachers, administrators, and parents. Behavioral Services in a
School Setting: A Guide Book is something every school based BCBA should read and refer back
to often.”

Lauren Ezzell, M.S., BCBA, LBA
Central Utah Educational Services

The BDS bookstore has been sold to the Behavior Analyst Leadership Council. 

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All courses are still owned by BDS and made available on our website.