Behavior Change for Climate Action 101 for Behavior Analysts - 5 CEUs - 3 Month Subscription

Picture of Behavior Change for Climate Action 101 for Behavior Analysts - 5 CEUs - 3 Month Subscription
by Dr. Caroly Shumway, Director, Center for Behavior and Climate (CBC)

Available for 5 BACB Learning CEUs.

This first-of-a-kind program for behavior analysts helps you learn and apply behavior change concepts to encourage individual and collective pro-climate action. Subscriptions begin on date of registration.

Seen through a behavior analysts' lens, this practical and entertaining course —the first of its kind for climate change—teaches behavior change principles for climate change mitigation through individual and collective actions. The course gives you an understanding of the influencing factors affecting pro-climate behavior; behavior tools for countering these factors; the process for applying behavioral principles to climate change; how to match the behavior tool to the audience and situation; and outreach and communication tips. Case studies and examples are provided throughout.

The course is comprised of a Preamble, 4 Lectures, and 3 Learning Modules. The Learning Modules are best used upon each section of the Lecture, following a summary slide of Key Lessons. Each module is offered twice: the Initial Learning module helps you learn the material at a comfortable pace and the Achieving Mastery helps you to achieve fluency--responding accurately and without hesitation. The course is taught by Dr. Caroly Shumway, Director, Center for Behavior and Climate, ("CBC") has been reviewed by the CBC Advisory Council. The Preamble for Behavior Analysts is taught by Behavior Analyst Dr. Jonathan Kimball, BCBA-D, LBA of Behavior Development Solutions.

CEUs are available for any licensed BCBA or BCaBA with an interest in pro-environmental behavior and a desire to learn more about climate action research, much of which is conducted outside the arena of applied behavior analysis.

To get CEUs:
1. Purchase this course.
2. Using the same username and password you created on this store website, login to our learning platform to access the course. Learning Platform Login:
3. Complete the Pre-Test, lectures, and learning modules.
4. Complete the Post-Test module and achieve 80% correct using no more than 3 attempts.
5. If 80% correct is not achieved by the third attempt, another attempt cannot be made for 2 days. Please contact after 2 days for additional runs.
6. Upon completion of the course, you will then be able to access your certificate via the "Certificates" menu item, located in the upper-right hand corner of the learning platform dashboard. To manage your CEUs on the BACB web site, please use our ACE Provider # OP-02-0017.
The course is available for individual learners and universities alike. We offer different payment options for universities. University professors can independently verify their students' course completion status as course administrators.

Learning Objectives

  •         Identify and evaluate the application of social norms
  •         Select factors that limit individual action with respect to climate change (i.e., barriers)
  •         Identify empirically supported interventions that foster pro-climate behavior
  •         Select examples of effective application of behavioral techniques to overcome barriers to pro-climate behavior
  •         Identify effective strategies for outreach and communication about climate change (storytelling and framing)
  •         Identify behavioral interventions to apply depending on specific audiences and situations


Estimated Time: Video (2hr): Exercises (3 hr)