BDS Webinar Hosting Terms

After you have read the terms, please use the form (scroll below) to submit your proposal!

Description of hosting package: If approved by BDS, your webinar can be hosted and moderated by BDS. You must first submit a proposal which will either be approved or there may be questions about it. See bottom of page for proposal submission requirements. The Webinar Hosting Package includes advertising through BDS social media and newsletter channels, which reaches tens of thousands of behavior analysts as well as agencies. If you would like to know the current size of our email list, please visit the Advertise Career Opportunity or News page. However, please note that any advertising is at the discretion of BDS, and Presenter agrees to forgo any expectations regarding the frequency and/or placement of advertisements; furthermore, BDS strongly encourages the Presenter to pursue their own advertising campaigns on social media and elsewhere in order to increase the likelihood of a high attendance rate; both BDS and Presenter have no expectation of achieving a specific attendance rate.

BDS will also manage virtually all administrative considerations such as order processing, order tracking, customer service, CE certificate issuance, etc. The presenter must simply provide presentation materials, survey questions, poll questions, and handouts for attendees (if applicable). In addition to being available to answer questions leading up to the webinar and being available during the time that the webinar is scheduled, the presenter must also have a computer or device capable of live-streaming their presentation, video camera, and audio signals.

Copyright & Intellectual Property: The presenter maintains ownership of their content, which includes handouts, presentation slides, quiz items, and any recording of the webinar. BDS gains no rights or ownership of presenter materials unless agreed to mutually and separately from this hosting agreement. BDS retains attendee information such as contact information, payment information, and survey responses.

Base Hosting Fee: The minimum hosting fee is $150. BDS receives payment for this fee out of revenue from the sale of seats to attendees. This ensures that the presenter doesn’t pay “out of pocket” for webinar hosting. After the fee has been covered, the remaining revenue is split 50/50 between the presenter and BDS. The purpose of this fee is to help cover the cost of the GoToWebinar subscription, marketing, and various administrative tasks.

Payment: BDS shall distribute the presenter’s share of revenue to the presenter approximately 30 to 60 business days after the day the webinar airs. This ensures that any and all refunds due to customer inability to attend (etc.) are processed and factored into the total revenue calculation. If the presenter offers multiple webinars in a single month, the most recent webinar date will be used when calculating the approximate 30-60 business day window for revenue distribution. In order to process payment, we need your first and last name, social security number, address, phone number, and bank routing and account numbers, and account type (checking vs. savings). If a business will be receiving the payment instead of an individual, substitute SS# for EIN#, and provide the business's legal name and completed and signed W9 form. The presenter assumes the risk associated with providing their confidential information. If desired, the presenter may call to provide certain confidential information over the phone so that it may be entered directly into the Intuit software. Once entered, BDS personnel can't view it. Another suggestion is to provide partial information via one channel (such as email) and the remaining information via an alternative channel (such as a text message). BDS does not endorse one method over another. BDS policy is to pay one entity in the event that 1 or more presenters co-present a webinar. Finally, in the event that a customer requests CEUs for attending a webinar that aired over 60 days ago, which rarely occurs, it will not be factored into the initial or any subsequent revenue/royalty calculations.

Powered By Your Company: If you would like a free webinar to also award free CEUs to all attendees, you may opt to pay BDS a flat rate:

$2,000 for 200 or more attendees
$1,500 for 100 or more attendees (but less than 200); and,
$1,000 for fewer than 100 attendees.

Additional Terms: Presenter(s) agree that BDS reserves the right to have one or more of its employees attend the webinar free of charge for evaluation, instructional, and other purposes. Presenter(s) agrees to the “How Webinars Work” details and refund policy. BDS reserves the right to record the webinar for quality control (QC) purposes. BDS will not distribute or otherwise use the recording outside of internally for QC without first receiving permission from the presenter. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the presenter retains the rights to their materials and presentation. However, please consider further discussions with BDS regarding ways to monetize the recording, such as using the footage to create an “on-demand” CE course to earn passive income. If the presenter already intends to create an on-demand course with BDS using the recordings, the presenter will indicate the revenue sharing percentage here.

Pricing: BDS will defer to standard pricing of approximately $17 per CE plus a base seat fee (typically $20 to $30). Pricing may be rounded up or down, or adjusted based on topic, timing, demand, and other factors. BDS may offer discounts of approximately 10% to 15% for bulk purchases of 10 or more. A new model as of June 2020 is to make the webinar available for free for anyone to attend, and attendees may optionally purchase CE credit. This model has the potential to significantly increase attendance, and so far has proven to result in revenue that falls within a standard range.