Bailey & Burch Ethics v3 Advanced - 3.0 Ethics CEUs - 3 Month License

by Dr. Jon Bailey and Dr. Mary Burch | Available for 3 Learning Ethics BACB CEUs
The activity for this course involves reading select passages from the book Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 3rd Edition by Jon S. Bailey and Mary R. Burch and then taking three online test modules. The book, sold separately, is available in our online bookstore.

Approved for 3 Learning Ethics BACB CEUs. The activity for this course involves reading select passages from the book Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 3rd Edition by Jon S. Bailey and Mary R. Burch and then answering 30 test items, distributed across 3 modules. The book is sold separately. Order here.

The authors first describe core ethical principles and then explain each guideline in detail, in easily comprehensible, everyday language. The text is richly illuminated by more than a hundred vivid case scenarios with questions which the authors pose, and later answer for readers. Useful appendices include the BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code, an index to them, practice scenarios, and suggested further reading. Apply the knowledge learned to choose the best solutions for real-world ethical cases submitted by practicing behavior analysts!

You must achieve at least 80% correct on each test module in order to be awarded Ethics CE credits. This course allows for three opportunities per module to meet criterion. If 80% correct is not achieved by the third attempt, another attempt cannot be made for 2 days. Please call us to extend the subscription (no additional charge).

If you have never purchased Bailey & Burch Ethics V1, V2, Catch-Up, or V3 Comprehensive & Advanced, we recommend that you purchase V3 Comprehensive & Advanced, available here. If you have previously purchased V3 Comprehensive & Advanced, do not buy this course. If you have previously purchased Bailey & Burch Ethics V1, V2, or Catch-Up, then this is the recommended course (see below to purchase).

Here's how it works:  

  1. Purchase this CE activity (see above) and purchase or otherwise obtain the book, Ethics for Behavior Analysts, 3rd Edition.
  2. Read 38 select pages from the book (once you log into the learning platform, the module intros will indicate the specific page numbers).
  3. Complete the online tests and achieve 80% correct with no more than 3 attempts per module.
  4. To get a certificate for your BACB Learning Ethics CEUs, go to the "Finishing Up" module, complete a brief survey, and print your certificate.
  5. To manage your CEUs on the BACB web site, please use our ACE Provider # OP-02-0017.

Course Module Outline:

  • 00 Intro & Course Guide
  • 01 Advanced Test, Part 1 (10 questions)
  • 02 Advanced Test, Part 2 (10 questions)
  • 03 Advanced Test, Part 3 (10 questions)
  • 04 Finishing Up & Survey


  • Given questions about clinical scenarios, select the option that complies with the BACB’s Professional & Ethical Compliance Code.
  • Given questions about reinforcement and punishment, select the application that demonstrates comprehension of the BACB’s Professional & Ethical Compliance Code.
  • Identify correct, appropriate, and ethical Supervision protocols.
  • Given scenarios where the Behavior Analyst is interacting with the public, or with non-Behavior Analyst clinicians, choose the option which properly and ethically promotes the field.

Recommended for BCBAs and BCaBAs.

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