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Autism Services Across America

Road Maps for Improving State and National Education, Research, and Training Programs
By Peter Doehring
Brookes Publishing / 2013
Paperback / 368 pages
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What are the keys to effective autism programs-and how do they solve their biggest challenges and meet the needs of all children and families? Find out in this book, an in-depth roadmap of autism services, research, and policies that are strengthening outcomes for children across the country.

With detailed reviews of 9 innovative state and national initiatives in public and private settings, this book gives researchers, administrators, and educators models they can use to help develop an efficient, cost-effective autism program-or expand their existing services. Leaders of these model programs give readers a complete overview of each initiative, covering factors such as structure, objective, population served, and staff roles and responsibilities. Readers will come away with invaluable insights on each program's key success factors, including

  • Clearly identifying viable funding sources
  • Improving screening and early identification of autism
  • Planning family- and person-centered activities that support each child's goals
  • Implementing positive behavior interventions and supports
  • Engaging caregivers in coordinating services for their child and advocating for change
  • Translating scientific breakthroughs into evidence-based services
  • Developing teacher training programs that build awareness and expertise
  • Conducting comprehensive, parent-friendly assessments
  • Creating an integrated network of health, education, and community programs
  • Putting effective transition supports in place

Readers will see how these model programs overcame common barriers to success, and they'll get specific recommendations at the end of the book for both new and established autism programs. Essential reading for administrators, policymakers, and anyone with a hand in shaping programs for children with autism, the foundational information in this book is key to ensuring the best possible services for children with autism and their families.