Access Articles from BACB Account

Accessing Articles for Free | Follow this tutorial to access articles for free through your account with the BACB! Follow the blue arrows in the screenshots below:

Step 1.
Log in to your account:

Step 2. Find the article database:

Step 3. Jot down the title of the article you need. Next, we’ll help you find it!

Step 4. Find the article:

  • A. Follow these instructions if the article is published in

    • Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
    • Behavioral Interventions

(Skip ahead to search the ProQuest Database)

When you click on “Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis”, your database will look like this:

Step 4, B. Follow these instructions if the journal title is not listed on the BACB website and the article is published in the ProQuest database

The ProQuest database works like the Wiley database:

Success! Now you can head back to the Journal Club Series category.

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