10 Common Pediatric Problems & Solutions - 1.5 CEUs - 3 month access

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by Dr. Ennio Cipani | Available for 1.5 BACB Learning CEUs

The activity for this course involves reading the FREE e-book A Clinical Treatment Guide to 10 Common Pediatric Behavioral Problems by Ennio Cipani, Ph.D., and then taking a test module.


This course uses a read-and-test model which entails reading the book, "A Clinical Treatment Guide to 10 Common Behavioral Pediatric Problems," and taking a 74-item online test. The book can be downloaded for free here.  

To earn CEUs you must achieve at least 80% correct within 60 minutes during the quiz module.
This course allows for three opportunities to meet criterion.
If 80% correct is not achieved by the third attempt, another attempt cannot be made for 2 days.
E-mail support@bds.com to request a gratis 3 month license after 2 days has lapsed.  

Unlike many of our other courses, this is NOT a fluency-based exercise.

How it Works

Here's how it works: 

  1. Purchase this course.
  2. Download and read the free book, "A Clinical Treatment Guide to 10 Common Behavioral Pediatric Problems" by Ennio Cipani, Ph.D. (available here or via this link: https://www.freepsychotherapybooks.org/ebook/a-clinical-treatment-guide-to-10-common-pediatric-behavioral-problems/).
  3. Complete the test module and achieve 80% correct within 60 minutes using no more than 3 attempts.
  4. To get a certificate for your BACB Learning CEUs, go to the "Finishing Up" module, complete a brief survey, and print your certificate.

To manage your CEUs on the BACB web site, please use our ACE Provider # 0P-02-0017.


Learning Objectives


1.   Select strategies that address overeating.

2.   Select strategies that address bedtime problems.

3.   Select strategies that address waking at night.

4.   Select strategies that address nighttime accidents.

5.   Select strategies that address sibling rivalries.

6.   Select strategies that address problems that arise during car trips.

7.   Select strategies that address problems that arise on the playground.

8.   Select proper application of the Cipani 3-toy rule.

9.   Select strategies that address interrupting others.

10. Select strategies that address morning routines.

Recommended for BCBAs and BCaBAs. 

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