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increase efficiency, eliminate transition risk, guarantee productivity with our Transformation Solutions

Why Transform?

Automate for Efficiency

Automate your software development process.

Deliver Continuously 

Deliver software at the velocity demanded by your business.

Develop Together

Socialize your software development process with team collaboration across functional groups.

Obliterate Risk

Ensure the success of all your software development projects with lean management and risk reduction.

Improve Quality

Improve confidence and frequency in production ready software.

Automate Production

Automate your desired state process.

Deploy Faster

Deploy software at the velocity demanded by your business.

Transform Together

Increase collaboration and redefine boundaries between development and operations.

Perform at Scale

Ensure minimal downtime and maximum performance for your transformation solution.

Consulting Packages

  • Hours
  • Solution Architect
  • Account Focus
  • Team
  • Playbook
  • Small
  • 40
  • Medium
  • 100
  • Assigned
  • Yes
  • Premier
  • 250
  • Assigned
  • Yes
  • Assigned
  • Yes
  • Transformation
  • Budget-focused
  • Dedicated
  • Yes
  • Dedicated
  • Playbook
  • Pay-as-you-go


Some of Our Clients

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Support Plans

Black Diamond Software offers a full-range of pre-configured support plans to meet the needs and budget of any organization

10 tickets
1 Quarter

9 to 5/M-F

  • Response times (L1/L2/L3)
  • Cross-Vendor Support
30 tickets
9 Months

9 to 5/M-F

  • Response times (L1/L2/L3)
  • Cross-Vendor Support
  • Warm Handoffs
80 tickets
9 Months

9 to 5/M-F

  • Response times (L1/L2/L3)
  • Cross-Vendor Support
  • Assigned Solution Architecht
  • Weekly reporting
  • Renewal Credit
200 tickets
1 Year

9-5 / 7 Days a Week

  • Response times (L1/L2/L3)
  • Cross-Vendor Support
  • Assigned Solution Architect
  • Weekly reporting
  • Renewal Credit
  • Account Familiarity

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About Us

At Black Diamond Software, Inc. (BDS), our vision is to apply unparalleled intellectual property and leadership to transform software development for a select number of clients.  We seek to be a trusted partner to our clients, sharing our intellectual property within well-articulated solutions that provide hard business value.  Our solutions evolve as software development technologies and practices evolve.  We are aimed at the sweet spot of the maturity wave, always serving our clients with a proven playbook. We strive to redefine the concept of a preferred partner as a company exceptional enough to be an alternative to big consulting and exclusive enough to be entirely dedicated to our individual client’s success.
In 2015 software development transformation is driven by lean principles and automation.  From business case to deployment, automation is streamlining the critical mission of building software in our client's businesses  For our enterprise IT clients, like Discover and Wellpoint, automation is challenging the traditional boundaries of development and operations and enabling a collaboration between the two that massively improves quality and business value. 


From the top, the C-level has given a rubber stamp to apply Lean methodologies to IT and eliminate waste.  When the rubber hits the road Lean IT often translates into layoffs while budgets remain bloated by legacy IT and choke off the opportunities automation can enable.

At Black Diamond Software we share the lessons learned about continuous delivery from our software clients to expedite the transformation of software development and operations for our enterprise clients.  We do this by wrapping our solutions for Build Automation, Software Configuration Management, Binary Artifact Management, and Agile Teams into packages that preserve budgets and dovetail with Lean principles. 
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  • 54 Danbury Road, #357 | Ridgefield, Connecticut | 06877